Adult Disability Payment rolled out to more parts of Scotland

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Thursday 23 June 2022

Tags: scotland, personal independence payment, Adult Disability Payment

This week sees the roll out of Adult Disability Payment to replace new claims for Personal Independence Payment in three new Scottish council areas. These areas are North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire and Angus.

This means that if you live in one of the following areas and do not already get Personal Independence Payment it is too late to make a new claim and you will need to claim Adult Disability Payment instead.

This now applies in:

  • Angus
  • Dundee City
  • North Lanarkshire
  • Perth and Kinross
  • South Lanarkshire
  • the Western Isles

Claims for Adult Disability Payment by new claimants can be made on-line at or by calling Social Security Scotland free on 0800 182 2222, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

This only applies to new claimants. People in Scotland already receiving Personal Independence Payment will continue to receive that benefit for the time-being.  PIP awards claimants will be transferred onto Adult Disability Payment in stages starting from this summer.  Transfers will be done automatically without needing to make a claim and without any need for a reassessment.

For more information about Adult Disability Payment see our webpage on Adult Disability Payment and benefits at 16.