Advice from Contact if you’re applying for secondary school place

1 min read

Tuesday 27 October 2020

The deadline for applying for a secondary school place in England is this Saturday 31 October.

If you’re applying for a place for you son or daughter, then we have advice for you.

Visit our webpage on applying for a school place to find out more about the process: how many schools to apply to and selection criteria; when to expect an offer; and what you can do if you’re not happy with it.

And visit our webpage on finding the right school, where we explain where you can find information about the schools you’re looking at, and what kind of questions to think about when making your choice.

You can also listen to our podcast, below, about applying to a secondary school place.

And for any education query you have, remember you can use our Common Question Tool or get in contact with our free helpline to talk to one of our specialists.