Annual health checks for young people with learning disabilities

Friday 6 September 2019

Since 2014/15, all children and young people with a learning disability should be included on GP learning disability registers, and young people aged 14 and over should be offered an Annual Health Check. An Annual Health Check gives children and young people time to talk about anything that is worrying them and means they can get used to going to visit the doctor. It will also give you time to discuss any concerns you have about your child or young person’s health or wellbeing and how your GP can support you to spot the early signs of your child or young person being unwell.

Annual health checks were introduced to try to minimise the health inequalities many people with learning disabilities face, for example developing a particular condition like diabetes or heart conditions.

Contact is working with NHS England and the National Network of Parent Carer Forums to raise awareness of Annual Health Checks for young people aged 14 and over with GPs and parents.

We have produced a factsheet explaining how parents can get on the learning disability register, and access an Annual Health Check for their child.

We have also co-produced two resources aimed at GPs and health professionals: