Ask the expert! Round-up of our Facebook Q&A on Education, Health and Care plans

Thursday 4 March 2021

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Thanks to everyone who took part in our Education, Health and Care plan Q&A – we had so many questions!

The Q&A was hosted in our closed (private) Facebook group by our education advisers Jill, Lesley and Michaela from our helpline team. If you would like to read back any of the answers you are welcome to join our group – joining is easy, just answer a few simple questions and you’re in!

Your questions answered

One parent whose daughter had a diagnosis and was just starting school wasn’t sure if she should apply for an EHC plan. We clarified that it depends on the level of support required, not on the diagnosis. If your child gets a lot of help in nursery, this may be an indication that they will need more help than generally available in mainstream schools. Our tip is if you’re not sure whether your child needs an EHC plan, once you know which school they will be going to, make an appointment to talk to the SENCO about the support available.

Another parent asked a very good question – how would she know the school is implementing her son’s EHC plan, especially as he’s unable to tell her? We were able to reassure her that Section E of the EHC plan should contain arrangements for monitoring. Once you have a final plan, ask the school for a meeting to discuss how they are going to implement it and the arrangements for liaising with the school. The plan is legally enforceable, so if the provision is not being made you can take this up with the local authority.

There were so many great questions, and we were really happy to be able to help. You can find out all about your child’s rights in education on our website.

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