Changing Places toilets to be made compulsory

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Changing Places toilets for disabled people are being made compulsory for new buildings from 2021. Changing places toilets are different to standard accessible toilets because they provide a large space with the extra equipment that carers of severely disabled children and young people, and severely disabled adults, need to use the toilet safely and comfortably.

Better access to activities

The need for these large accessible toilets has been highlighted for years by carers of severely disabled children and young people, many of whom are forced to change their children on toilet floors because of lack of space and facilities.

For both carers and severely disabled people whose lives are restricted by the lack of adequate changing facilities this long overdue but good news means access to activities that non-disabled people take for granted.

Funding has also been announced to install Changing Places in existing premises and service stations across England.

This is wonderful news for all involved in the Changing Places campaign. You can find out more about the Changing Places campaign and where to find your nearest Changing Places toilet, or plan a route.

Related information

Some Changing Places toilets are open access, but a number of venues use the Radar Key scheme. You can buy a Radar Key from our online shop, which also gives access to some playgrounds for disabled children.