Child Disability Payment, Scotland’s replacement for DLA, launched today

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Monday 22 November 2021

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Today, Monday 22 November, sees the national launch of the Child Disability Payment, a new benefit that is replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children in Scotland.  

If you live anywhere in Scotland and have a disabled child aged under 16 who is not already getting DLA, it is no longer possible to make a new claim for DLA. You will need to claim Child Disability Payment instead.

Children in Scotland who are already on DLA will be automatically transferred onto Child Disability Payment. This will happen gradually between now and Spring 2023.

What is Child Disability Payment?

Child Disability Payment is a new disability benefit administered by Social Security Scotland. You can make a claim for a disabled child aged under 16 who lives in Scotland and who needs more care or supervision than other children of the same age or who has difficulties in getting around outdoors.

You can claim if your child has a disability of any type, and you don’t need to wait for a formal diagnosis. The benefit is not means-tested, so it makes no difference what income and savings you have or whether you are working or not.

How do I claim Child Disability Payment?

If you don’t already get DLA for your child then you can apply for Child Disability Payment. You can do this in a variety of ways.

You can claim online at or make a claim by telephone on 0800 182 2222. You can also use this number to ask for a paper form to be sent out or to book an appointment for face-to-face help from Social Security Scotland staff in completing the form.

What about children in Scotland who are already getting DLA?

Families in Scotland who already get DLA for a child won’t need to make a claim for Child Disability Payment. Instead, they will be automatically transferred onto Child Disability Payment.  

Don’t worry – your child won’t need to be reassessed as part of this process. You will simply start to receive Child Disability Payments instead of DLA, paid at the same amount and on the same payment dates as before. 

Older children on DLA will be transferred onto Child Disability Payment first, alongside children who are terminally ill. This will happen between now and Spring 2022. We expect 17-year-olds to be transferred first, then 16-year-olds, then children who are within 6 months of their 16th birthday.

The process of transferring all other younger children on DLA isn’t expected to start until Spring 2022. All Scottish DLA child claims should be transferred onto Child Disability Payment by Spring 2023

For more information on Child Disability Payment see our Child Disability Payment webpage or call our free helpline.

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