Contact given funding to help local groups with rare medical conditions support

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Wednesday 16 December 2020

Contact has been able to award 67 local groups with grants of up to £15,000 each so they can continue providing vital support to families who care for children with rare conditons and additonal needs  – more important than ever during the pandemic.

The grants have been made possible thanks to a match-funding partnership between Pears Foundaiton and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

The funding forms part of the Government’s £750m emergency Covid-19 funding charities package.

Gail Walshe, Contact’s Director of Participation and Regional Development says:

“Families who care for children with rare conditions and additional needs have been hit hard during the pandemic. Many have been left feeling more isolated than ever and may have lost access to treatments and therapies. They are finding it more challenging to find the support they need as lots of small and medium sized local support groups that families rely on have had to reduce or stop their services  altogether during the pandemic.

“These are groups that have limited options for funding so the grants that this funding enables us to offer will mean that local groups, many of which are currently experiencing a huge demand for their services, will be able to continue their work with the many local families who need them at this critical time.”

As one of Pears Foundation’s trusted, long term partners, Contact was chosen to award and distribute each grant – worth between £5-15k – to individual rare condition groups and Parent Carer Forums thereby ensuring that funding gets to frontline organisations and their communities.

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