Contact providing HemiHelp services from this April

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Wednesday 18 April 2018

Contact is taking over HemiHelp services, and will now support children and young people living with Hemiplegia.

HemiHelp trustees made the decision to work with Contact so it could continue supporting families living with the condition in the face of increasing fundraising challenges.

Cara Evans, former CEO at HemiHelp says: “Over the last few years securing enough sustainable funding has proved increasingly difficult. To save on core costs and ensure the continuation of vital services we made the decision to work with another charity.

“After an extensive search we identified Contact as the ideal partner. We have shared values and ways of working and HemiHelp’s trustees felt they were the perfect organisation to ensure continued provision of the best quality service for our families”

HemiHelp has a long history of working with Contact, who originally helped HemiHelp set up as a charity. All HemiHelp members were asked about what services they wanted and needed going forward and these will continue under Contact.

Cara continues: “Joining forces with Contact in this way means we will no longer be an independent charity but for our members nothing much will change in the short term. We’ll now work with Contact to improve and expand the key services we previously provided like our members’ Facebook page, online information and advice and specialised publications and factsheets for families.

“This is a new adventure for HemiHelp and we are very excited about the future – especially as it means we can still be there for families that need us.”

Cara Evans will move to Contact as the charity’s Director of Partnerships along with Project Manager Lizzie Salter while a year-long transition process takes place.

Amanda Batten, CEO of Contact says: “Supporting families of children with rare conditions like hemiplegia has always been an important part of Contact’s work. It means we understand the importance of condition-specific support and want to ensure it’s available to families.

“At Contact we are focused on working in partnership to reach out to families with disabled children in different ways. We hope that by coming together in this way we can ensure the specific support HemiHelp provides isn’t lost, and that families of children with Hemiplegia are also better able to benefit from the wider support we offer.”