Families better off with Contact helpline’s financial advice

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Tuesday 2 August 2022

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Did you know that eligible families who make a call to the Family Finances team on Contact’s helpline are better off by an average £97 a week?

For single mum Kohinoor, trying to make ends meet was becoming a daily struggle. With two boys, one who has severe learning difficulties, she was juggling being mum, parent carer and working part-time.

When she reached out to our helpline she felt she was owed some backdated Universal Credit, due to her son being awarded disability benefits. But staff at the Universal Credit office had refused her, seemingly unaware of special rules which allow this.

We drafted a letter challenging the decision, setting out the rules and guidance. In addition we identified she was not getting the carer premium of Universal Credit, and helped her apply for this. As a result of our support and advice, Kohinoor received arrears of almost £4000.

We increased eligible household incomes

In total in 2021/22, we increased eligible household incomes by £439,000 by helping families claim the benefits they’re entitled to, but didn’t know how or hadn’t been able to claim.

Another of those families said:  “What a great service. I am amazed at the information I’ve been given. I had no idea I was missing out. I had just phoned about getting a bursary and to be told I can get an extra £300 per month in benefits is amazing. You make such a big difference.”

Every £10 donated could put £47 in families’ pockets

For every £1 invested in our Family Finances helpline service, we generate £4.78 for families with disabled children.

Donate £10 today and your donation could help fund vital services like our Family Finances helpline, increasing eligible households’ income by almost £50.