Government clarifies exercise guidance for people with health needs

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Wednesday 15 April 2020

The government has clarified social distancing guidance for people whose disability or health need requires them to exercise more than once a day.

Ordinarily, people are advised that they may leave the house for exercise only once a day, for example to take a run or go for a cycle. This should be within the local area only, to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.

However, if your child has a health need or disability that means they need to exercise more than once a day, it is fine to do so. Similarly, if your child has to take a specific form of exercise beyond the local area, it’s ok for you to take them there. This might be, for example, if your child has autism or learning disabilities.

The government advises that such exercise would ideally be in line with a care plan. And of course, it is still important to follow other social distancing rules such as keeping 2m away from other people.

Read the full guidance on the website.