Home schooling top tips from our Listening Ear team

Monday 15 February 2021

We’re delighted that so many of you have already taken the opportunity to have an hour of ‘me time’ to talk through things you are struggling with at the moment with our Listening Ear team of family support advisers.

Recently lots of you have been calling our Listening Ear service looking for practical advice and strategies to help with home schooling. To help, the team have  put together some handy home schooling top tips, including practical ideas to establish a routine that works for your family and how to keep home schooling fun.

Tips to help you cope with home schooling isn’t the only thing our Listening Ear team can help with. We’re here for you for anything that’s worrying you at the moment such as:

  • Strategies to help improve yours and your child’s wellbeing and reduce stress levels
  • Ideas to help establish your child’s routine, improve their sleep or challenging behaviour
  • Relationships with partners and siblings
  • Or just to have a chat with someone about the frustrating day, week  or month you’ve just had!

Whatever you want to talk about – big or small, practical or emotional, our Listening Ear service is here for you. And, thanks to further funding we can be there for even more of you when you need someone to talk to.

Appointments are free, confidential and over the phone with one of our family support advisers. Simply choose a time that works for you and book your appointment.

Related information

The Department for Education (England) has recently updated its guidance on remote education which includes tips and resources.