Is your child starting a new school? Our parent adviser offers her top tips

Wednesday 29 August 2018

Next month thousands of children will start a new school – whether that’s moving into secondary education or starting school for the very first time.

Starting school can be a scary time for many children, and particularly for children with additional needs. As a parent you’re likely to worry about how they’ll settle in and what support they’ll receive from the school to help them cope with a new environment.

We’ve put together a new podcast with advice for starting school. Our parent adviser Michaela, who works on the special education team of our helpline, speaks to parents every day about their child’s education. In this podcast Michaela shares her top three tips for making sure you and your child are as prepared as you can be for their new adventure.

Please note that some of the informationin this podcast  – around Education, Health and Care plans – is for families in England only. The general advice may be useful for families in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland too.

You can listen to our podcast below.

More information about starting school

If your child is not yet moving to a new school but it’s something coming up in the near future, you might find it useful to read our information on admissions and school choice.

As well as explaining how the admissions process works for children with and without Education, Health and Care plans, we suggest what you should be thinking about when finding the right school.

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