It’s now or never: Take action on funding for disabled children’s services

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Thursday 14 October 2021

Tags: disabled children's partnership, social care, spending review, funding

With just weeks to go until the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak MP, decides how much funding disabled children get in the upcoming government ‘spending review’, a new report from the Disabled Children’s Partnership exposes how woefully underfunded the entire system is.  

Can you take an urgent new DCP action and email Rishi Sunak and other ministers in one final push to have families with disabled children heard before the spending review? 

The gap widens exposes that the funding gap for disabled children’s health and social care is £2.1 billion – an increase of over £500 million since our last calculation in 2016/17. 

This figure is shocking. It means that countless disabled young people are not getting the health appointments and therapies they need. It means countless parents are not getting respite care. It means that countless families up and down the country face huge amounts of unmet need. 

But we already knew this. Now, we have the updated numbers to prove it. 

It’s now or never. 

Research conducted through our parent panel found nearly three quarters of disabled children have seen their progress managing their health condition or disability getting worse due to the pandemic. Covid-19 has exposed the existing frailties in an already unequal system. 

We have to up the pressure on government as much as possible for Covid recovery funds for disabled children.  

Take 2 minutes to email Rishi Sunak directly. We have provided an easy template for you to use.