New factsheet on benefits if your child is in residential accommodation

Monday 15 March 2021

If your child has overnight stays away from home in a residential care or a residential educational setting, some of the benefits you receive may be affected. The rules are complicated and vary from benefit to benefit. Some may stop altogether, some may be reduced, while others may continue to be paid as usual.

To help parents in this situation our new factsheet, Benefits if your child is in residential accommodation, explains how most of the main benefits paid to families with a disabled child are affected by a stay in residential care or being in a residential school or college. This includes information about DLA, PIP, Carer’s Allowance, tax credits and Universal Credit. 

Who is this factsheet for?

You should find this guide helpful if you are a family with a child who is already attending a residential placement, including where this is done as part of regular short breaks or if you are thinking about the possibility of your child starting a residential placement.

How to get a copy

Our new factsheet Benefits if your child is in residential accommodation is available free from our helpline, or to download from our website.

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