New Job Support Scheme expansion

Tuesday 13 October 2020

The UK government has announced an expansion of the Job Support Scheme to provide temporary support for businesses and employees that are legally required to close their premises due to the Coronavirus restrictions at local or national level.

The scheme covers all four nations of the UK.

Who qualifies for the scheme?

To be eligible, your place of employment must have been instructed to close as a result of restrictions set by one or more of the four governments in the UK.

You must be instructed to and stopped work for at least seven consecutive days.

You must also have a UK bank account and been registered with the HMRC PAYE scheme on or before 23 September 2020.

What will I be entitled to?

Employees in the scheme will receive 2/3 of their normal pay up, to a maximum of £2,100 per month.

Your employer has to pay your National Insurance and pension contributions, but can choose whether or not to pay a top up of wages.

How do I apply?

It is your employer that applies if they agree to using the scheme.

Your employer must use the scheme to cover your wages and pay relevant payroll taxes. The whole of the grant must be used to meet employee costs.

When does the scheme start?

The scheme will be available from 1 November 2020 for six months and will be reviewed in January next year.

What happens to the existing scheme?

The New Job Support Scheme will operate alongside the ‘in-work Job Support Scheme‘, which has already been announced to help workers and businesses through the winter months.

More information about the scheme

For more information, see the government’s factsheet.