New resources for parents claiming Universal Credit for a disabled young person in education

Friday 12 March 2021

Tags: benefits, universal credit, growing up, transition

Please note before reading: If your son or daughter gets Universal Credit, this means that any benefits that you receive for them as a dependent, such as Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit will stop. So before claiming Universal Credit, you need to weigh up which option is likely to leave your family better off.

However, if benefits for your child as a dependent have already stopped, or you are only receiving a very small amount, you may have already decided that you want to help your child claim Universal Credit in their own right instead.

Claiming Universal Credit for a disabled 16-20 year old can be a complicated process, and this is particularly true if they are still in education.

Unfortunately, there are particular barriers that mean it is much harder to get Universal Credit for your child while they are receiving education, so it’s important to get detailed information first.

To help parents trying to claim Universal Credit for a young person in education, we have produced new resources for families. You can find these on our new webpage on claiming Universal Credit for a young person in education. Our resources include a set of templates that parents can use to challenge the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) delays in processing claims and in organising medical assessments.

You’ll also find pre-recorded benefit webinars and a link to a free download of our guide Universal Credit – Claiming for a Young Disabled Person. 

Visit our new webpage on claiming Universal Credit for a young person in education.

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