School transport in England: Get expert advice at our Facebook Q&A in September

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Wednesday 22 September 2021

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Arranging suitable school transport is a big concern for families with disabled children, especially at this time of year.

We hear similar stories from many parent carers about children who are clearly eligible for free school transport being refused. Or they are offered unsuitable travel arrangements, such as giving a child who requires constant outdoor supervision a bus pass so that they can get public transport to school.

That’s why we’re holding a special School Transport Facebook Q&A for families in England over in our closed (private) Facebook group, when you can ask our education experts any questions you have about securing school transport for your child or challenging existing arrangements.

Join us on 30 September, 10am – 12 noon 

To take part, you’ll need to join other parent carers over at our closed (private) Facebook Group – a safe space for you to discuss your concerns, get advice, and swap tips with other families.

Joining our Facebook Group is easy. Just answer three simple membership questions to register and we’ll let you in!

Then, visit the group on Thursday 30 September between 10am – 12 noon and look out for Contact’s special Q&A post, where our team of education advisers will be waiting to answer all your questions in writing. 

Jill Hardman, one of our Helpline education specialists, said: “School transport is a top concern of callers to our helpline. We get so many calls about school and college transport, from last-minute changes to travel arrangements days before the start of the new school term to enforced personal budgets. 

“Thursday’s Facebook Q&A session is a great opportunity for anyone worried about their child’s school transport to get immediate, expert advice and help. We look forward to answering your questions!” 

Can’t make 30 September? 

If you can’t attend, you will still be able to read all the questions and answers that were asked at a time that suits you. The post will stay up indefinitely to help other parents who may have similar questions or concerns. 

You can also take a look at our school transport webpage which explains your rights and entitlements including: 

  • Which children are eligible for free school transport 
  • What sort of transport can be provided 
  • How to apply for school transport 
  • How to challenge a school transport decision  
  • Your rights post-16 

We also have online information for parents who live in WalesScotland or Northern Ireland. For local parent carer groups and forums, we have advice on how to challenge local school transport consultations

If you have any urgent questions or concerns about school transport and can’t wait until 30 September, you can also call our freephone helpline on 0808 808 3555.