Support Maureen’s call for Covid-19 recovery funding

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Monday 9 August 2021

Tags: disabled children's partnership, social care, covid recovery, health services

Nearly three quarters of disabled children have seen their overall development regress during the pandemic, according to research from the Disabled Children’s Partnership.

One of those children is Calvin, 15, whose mum Maureen has written an open letter to the government calling for funded Covid-19 recovery policies for families with disabled children.

As part of the DCP, we’re supporting Maureen’s call – will you?

Maureen writes:

“I am writing to demand COVID-19 recovery policies for our families so we can recover from the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic.

“I am writing to ask you to commit finally to funding disabled children’s health and care services properly.

” I am writing for fairness so that disabled children and families can enjoy the same opportunities other families take for granted.”

Sign Maureen’s open letter now.