Three new guides to make sure your child gets vital eye, hearing and dental health checks

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Tags: dental care, eye care, hearing, health checks

We’ve worked in partnership with parent carers and charities SeeAbility and the National Deaf Children’s Society, to produce three new guides highlighting the importance of hearing, eye and dental checks for children’s health:

They explain how hearing, eye and dental checks are done, how to access them and how to prepare and support your child.

Contact developed the dental guide following your responses to our dental survey in 2019 which highlighted how difficult is can be to find information and get a referral to see a specialist dentist with knowledge and experience of conditions like autism and learning disabilities. Thank you to everyone that took part in this survey and the parents involved in putting the guides together.

How can I prepare for a visit to the dentist?

Tooth decay is almost always preventable and, by getting things right as early as possible, you may be able to avoid your child needing dental treatment. This is particularly important for children with learning disabilities and autism because they may find going to the dentist and having treatment a very stressful experience.

“It took us four appointments, spaced over every 3 months for my son to enter the dentist’s room. I asked for the preventative varnish to be applied – this acts as a sealant to stop tooth decay.”

There are some simple things you can ask your dentist to do to make the visit easier. These are called reasonable adjustments and could include:

  • Asking for a quick “hello” visit before the appointment
  • Trying to get an appointment at the start of clinics, so there is less waiting  
  • Explaining to the dentist what might stress your child or trigger behaviour.

The three guides are support by NHS England as part of plans to improve services for children with learning disabilities, autism or both. The information in the guides can be used everywhere you live in the UK.

For more information about health services or if you are concerned about your child meeting their milestones.  

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