Updated benefits information from Contact: DLA, PIP and Universal Credit

Monday 14 September 2020

Both guides now include the new rules in Scotland where, since 1 September, DLA has been extended to children up to the age of 18. We also explain what happens to DLA and PIP renewals during the coronavirus pandemic and what to do if you’re not sure what’s happening with your child’s claim.

These guides will help you make sense of the rules for claiming these essential benefits – there to help with the extra costs of caring for a disabled child – and include hints, tips and suggestions on how to make the best application and answer the questions on the forms.

Universal Credit factsheet

In addition, we’ve updated our factsheet on claiming Universal Credit (UC) for a young disabled person.

A young person turning 16 may have the option of claiming UC in their own right as a young disabled adult. However, if your son or daughter chooses to claim UC this can affect the benefits that you receive. Our factsheet explains these rules in detail, and includes information on how a young person might qualify if they’ve not paid national insurance contributions, what assessments they may have to undergo, and what to do if there’s a lengthy delay. It also has info on how children in education may be able to claim UC.

We strongly advise you to get advice about your individual situation if your child is thinking of claiming Universal Credit, to make sure you’re not worse off overall.

All our guides are free to download from our website, or you can call our helpline and ask them to send you a copy.

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