Your views needed on mental health support

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Thursday 5 May 2022

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The government has published a discussion paper and call for evidence as part of developing a 10 year-plan for mental health and wellbeing support for England.

We think that the plan should have clear focus on mental health support for disabled children and their families.  This has never been more important given the disproportional impact of the pandemic on this group.

A clear focus on disabled children and families

Our research before the pandemic shows that despite having a referral – which can be a battle in itself – a third of disabled children wait over a year to get access to the mental health services. Even when they do access mental health services, they are less likely to have their psychiatric and developmental needs recognised, understood and addressed.   

For many children, accessing child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) is often the first step in getting a diagnosis for disabilities such as autism and ADHD.

We also know that most parent carers experience mental ill health such as anxiety or depression. Research from the Disabled Children’s Partnership found that parents’ level of depression were significantly higher than the general population during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What’s the government asking your views about?  

This discussion paper is asking people:

  • How can we all promote positive mental wellbeing? (chapter 1)
  • How can we all prevent the onset of mental ill-health? (chapter 2)
  • How can we all intervene earlier when people need support with their mental health? (chapter 3)
  • How can we improve the quality and effectiveness of treatment for mental health conditions? (chapter 4)
  • How can we all support people living with mental health conditions to live well? (chapter 5)
  • How can we all improve support for people in crisis? (chapter 6)

How to respond

The easiest way to participate in the call for evidence is by completing the online survey by 11:45pm on 7 July 2022.

You can also share your views with us by sending an email to, and we will include them as evidence.

The deadline for responses is 7 July 2022

Need advice on mental health?

Read our information on child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS).

You can also visit our page on coping with stress.

If you need someone to talk to, book a listening ear appointment to talk to someone who understands.