Our hospitals project

We know that having a child in hospital can be a time of overwhelming stress.

Our parent advisers are now based at two children's hospitals across the UK, providing families with emotional and practical support when they need it most.

How do we support families in hospital?

Our advisers are set within key locations around the hospitals. Parents can pick up useful advice, go to a drop-in session or ask for information - all without needing an appointment.

We help families with their most pressing issues, including benefits - such as Disability Living Allowance payments when in hospital - and getting the right support at school. We guide families through condition-specific services, help them find local support groups, and signpost to local organisations.

For more complex matters, we can refer families to our rare conditions officer, our specialist helpline or a local Contact a Family office.

Where are we based?

Our hospitals and hospices project currently operates in six children's hospitals across the UK. These are:

The Evelina Children's Hospital

We are set up in the main outpatients every Monday morning from 10am- 12pm. We have a clinic room for drop ins and can visit families in need on the wards.

Find out more:

Toni Rushton, Parent Adviser - London and the South East
or 07920 654984.

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)

We are based every Thursday from 9am - 2pm in the Lagoon Canteen at GOSH on the ground floor. We have a private space nearby for drop ins, and we receive referrals from hospital staff.

Find out more:

Ruth Stone, Senior Parent Adviser - London and the South East
or 07920 654863.