Common queries about the annual review of the statement

Information for families in Wales

The school have said they will exclude my daughter if her behaviour doesn't improve. She has a statement but I think she may need more help in lessons.

You can discuss your concerns at the next annual review meeting. Ask the school when this is due - it should be around the same time of year as the last one. If the situation is urgent you should ask the local authority to arrange an early or emergency review.

My son's school told me that the annual review meeting is next week. I need more time to prepare for this. I would also like the educational psychologist to be there, but she isn't free next week.

The annual review timescales and procedures must be followed by law. These are set out in the SEN Code of Practice. The headteacher must invite parents and professionals, and ask for reports. These must be shared at least two weeks in advance. Ask the school to rearrange the meeting for a later date and to invite the educational psychologist to attend.

I attended my son's annual review meeting yesterday. I don't think I mentioned all my concerns about his progress. Is it too late to do this now?

Put your views in writing as soon as you can. You can ask the school to include your views in their report to the local authority (LA). If the report has already gone to the LA, send your views to them directly and ask the LA to consider them together with the school's report.

We asked for changes to be made to our daughter's statement at the annual review meeting. We now have the final statement but none of the changes have been made. Is there anything we can do?

You can appeal to the SEN tribunal if the local authority does not amend the statement after the annual review. You can appeal about the description of your child's special educational needs in part 2, the extra help in part 3 and the school named in part 4.

Information for families in England

Although some children in England still have statements, these are being replaced by Education, Health and Care plans. If you're new to the SEN system and live in England then you might want to start on our page An introducation to special educational needs.

Information for families in Scotland and Northern Ireland

We also support Northern Ireland and Scotland. Give our helpline a call on 0808 808 3555 for information and advice on any aspect of raising a disabled child, or call your local contact. Find out our local office details in the In your area section.


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