Find local services (SENDirect)

The SENDirect website is our tool to help you find and compare accessible services and activities to meet the needs of your child.

As well searching for local support, you can review and share recommendations, and find out what services have benefited other families with disabled children.







More about SENDirect

SENDirect allows you to:

  • Search for and compare support, activities and services
  • Filter your results by what is important to you
  • Talk to providers and negotiate adapted activities for your child online
  • Buy support and equipment online, or authorise others to do so on your behalf
  • Share information about your child and send 'wish lists' of different services to people you trust
  • 'Pin' information you will want to see again to your dashboard (account page)
  • Review services and share recommendations with other families

We launched SENDirect in partnership with eight other disability charities so that families can make informed decisions about the types of services they need for their child.

We want SENDirect to help create different and better services. We look at what families are searching for and how they are reviewing things.

If you aren't finding the right support or are unhappy with what is available in their area, we will:

  • Tell local commissioners what support or activities families need that aren't available
  • Tell people who provide support what families say would make them better, and what else families need from them
  • Help businesses understand what they need to do to make better services for more families, and exactly how much this could be worth to them so they can make changes
  • Support providers to change the way they work so it is easier to adjust services to suit every family's needs