Brighter Beginnings four-week programme

We're running a series of welcoming and informative sessions for parents and carers of children aged 0-5 who have additional needs. This programme is funded by the Department for Education as part of their Early Years SEND programme (see below).

The four workshops are:

  • Where to find support & help in your area - Find out about the range of local and national support services available for you and your family.
  • Encouraging positive behaviour - We will look at why our children behave the way they do, how to encourage positive behaviour and top tips to help.
  • How to handle meetings: practical hints & tips - Develop skills to feel more confident in making decisions about your child when meeting and communicating with professionals, and help you look after yourself and your family.
  • How to get what you need for your  child's education - We will focus on the educational support that children and young people are entitled to with regards to their special educational needs.

These Brighter Beginnings workshops will be taking place throughout 2019 in five English regions - North West, North East, West Midlands, East Midlands and Yorkshire & Humber.

Upcoming dates

  • 10 September - 24 September 2019, Stockton
  • 12 September - 3 October 2019, Cheshire East
  • 3 - 24 October, North Yorkshire

For booking information, email

More about the Brighter Beginnings four-week programme

These workshops are part of the Early Years SEND partnership (special educational needs and disabilities) and are funded by the Department for Education. Contact is part of the Early Years SEND Partnership with the Council for Disabled Children, nasen, I CAN and the Communication Trust.

The Early Years SEND Partnership will provide support on SEND to early years settings and local authorities in the North West, the East Midlands, the North East, Yorkshire and Humber and the West Midlands.

As well as the Brighter Beginnings workshops, in 2019 Contact will be offering the following.

Train the trainer parent programme

We will co-produce, design and run a training offer which enables parent carers to increase their confidence and skills in order to deliver the parent programme.

By training parents to deliver the parent programme, Brighter Beginnings will support its own ongoing sustainability.

Training to practitioners

As part of the core project to early years practitioners, Contact will co-deliver with parents of disabled children a one-off training session, which aims to ensure the workforce empowers parents to enable them to get the best from their child's early year's entitlement.

The session will cover:

  • How to engage and work with parents.
  • How to empower parents to enable them to get the best from their child's Early years entitlement.
  • Improved practitioner confidence and knowledge on how to communicate and working with parents so developing a relationship with parents based on mutual trust and respect.

If you have any questions about the project, please email

EYSEND Partnership