Our medical advisory panel

Medical information provided by Contact

Contact has a medical advisory panel to assist us in providing medical information to families with disabled children. We also work with a large number of specialists who help us to provide relevant up-to-date medical information on more than 440 medical conditions and rare disorders.

The entries in our A-Z list of conditions are designed to give a basic overview of the condition and are written so that they are accessible to families of disabled children and those professionals who work with them.

What does the medical advisory panel do?

The medical advisory panel (MAP) was established to support Contact in its provision of medical information to families of disabled children and those professionals who work with families. Members advise broadly on what information the charity should provide and help to ensure the accuracy and validity of medical information produced by Contact. The MAP do not review every entry that appears in the Contact A-Z list of conditions,  but can advise on suitable medical professionals who can review particular entries.

In-house editors

The day-to-day management of Contact medical information is the responsibility of our rare conditions information officer.

If you have any questions related to our website please contact the web editor by emailing tom.bobbin@contact.org.uk or calling 020 7608 8743.

Information last updated October 2017 by Rachel Gibson, Rare Conditions Information Officer, Contact.