Other benefits

There are a range of other benefits that families may be able to access depending on their circumstances. These include:

  • income support is a means-tested benefit to help individuals or families on a low income and with savings below £16,000
  • employment and support allowance - a benefit for people aged 16-64 whose health problems mean that they are unable to work
  • housing benefit (rent rebate in Northern Ireland) is for those who pay rent and are on a low income
  • support with council tax (rate rebate in Northern Ireland) is for those who are liable for council tax and on a low income - help varies from area to area depending on the local scheme in your area
  • council tax disability reduction if you need extra space in your house because of your child's disability; see our guide to Help with council tax bills [PDF] for more information.

Get a benefits check

There are many other benefits and concessions, which you may qualify for so it is always best to get a full benefit check done regularly.

Ring our national freephone helpline on 0808 808 3555 if you would like one of our specialist advisers to check you are getting all you should be.

Other sources of financial help

You may also be entitled to financial help from other sources, for example a grant from the Family Fund.

This can be paid for specific items to help relieve the stress arising from the day to day care of a child under 18 years who has a severe disability or serious illness, for example laundry equipment, transport expenses, help with driving lessons for you, clothing and holidays.

For more information, contact our freephone helpline on 0808 888 3555 to find out more.