Find a local support group

Contact a Family is in touch with hundreds of local support groups across the UK, and we can help you find a group where you live. Use the map below to find a support group near you:

Map: Find a local support group

You may feel you want to join a group for parents whose children have the same condition as yours. If there is no condition specific group then do not rule out joining a group for all disabilities. Parents can offer friendship and emotional support regardless of their child's condition.

I can't find a support group near me

If you can't find a local support group on the map it doesn't mean there isn't one in your area. We have details of 1,400 groups on our database and we're currently adding them to our UK-wide map.

If you can't find what you're looking for, contact our freephone helpline. You can also use our online community to ask other parent carers about groups or other networks in your area.

How can I add my group to the map?

If you would like your group listed on our map, please join our Affiliation Scheme for parent-led groups.

You might want to set up your own local support group - find out how we support local groups.

If you're interested in joining a national support group, search for your child's medical condition on our website or call our freephone helpline.

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