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Our parent guides and factsheets

We produce a series of guides and factsheets on all aspects of raising a disabled child.

You can browse and download the parent guides in our library or download a publications list [PDF].

Ordering and buying print copies of our guides

If you are a parent and want a free print version of any of our parent guides, please contact our freephone helpline on 0808 808 3555 or

If you are a professional then we ask that you make a small payment of £1 for each of our guides. Select 'order print version' next to any parent guide that is on sale. Your basket will appear at the top of the page above the menu bar.

  • Parent carer participation Success Story: Swindon SEND Families Voice Sunflower Lanyards

    Our success stories provide more detail about how parent carer participation has helped improve services. Swindon's success story demonstrates how a simple solution can make a bit difference. With the introduction of lanyards resulting in a better understanding of children's individual needs.


  • What is Healthwatch? Webinar presentation

    A webinar for parent carer forums to understand the role and work of the Healthwatch network, including reflections from case studies, how our work complements that of local Parent forums, as well as discussing the benefits of partnership working.


  • What is a parent carer forum - webinar presentation

    Webinar presentation for local Healthwatch to understand the work of local and national Parent Carer forums and gain insight into how shared data intelligence can work well. The discussion will including case studies and explore how parent reps can provide strategic roles for the Healthwatch network to enable successful collaborative working.


  • Factsheet: GP annual health checks for children with learning disabilities

    This factsheet is for parents of a child or young person with a learning disability. It has information on GP learning disability registers and annual health checks, why they are important and how you can support your child or young person to access the services they are entitled to.


  • Parent carer participation: Grant application form guidance 2019-20

    Parent carer participation grant application 2019-20 – guidance notes. Applications for the 2019-20 parent carer participation grant are now being accepted and must be submitted by Monday 10th June 2019.


  • Parent carer participation: Using technology to Support Forum Activity Webinar presentation

    Using technology to Support Forum Activity Webinar recording Presented by Ruth Hobbs from Somerset Parent Carer Forum.


  • Parent carer participation: SEND Support – what does it mean for your children Webinar presentation

    Presented by Alex Grady, Education Development Officer, nasen, Whole School SEND project officer.


  • Parent carer participation: Learning Disability Annual Health Checks

    Presentation to support Webinar recording of Learning Disability GP Annual Health Checks for over 14’s – why they are important, who are they for and how you can ask for one.


  • Parent carer participation: Transforming Care Webinar presentation

    Presented by Sarah Thomas, Contact Associate and Maureen Morris Co-Chair of the NNPCF and North East Regional Representative, this webinar gives an overview of transforming care in England.


  • Factsheet: Universal Credit - claiming for a young disabled person

    Explains when your child might be able to claim Universal Credit as a young adult and the impact this might have on any benefits that you get for them as a dependent child.