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Our parent guides and factsheets

We produce a series of guides and factsheets on all aspects of raising a disabled child.

You can browse and download the parent guides in our library or download a publications list [PDF].

Ordering and buying print copies of our guides

If you are a parent and want a free print version of any of our parent guides, please contact our freephone helpline on 0808 808 3555 or

If you are a professional then we ask that you make a small payment of £1 for each of our guides. Select 'order print version' next to any parent guide that is on sale. Your basket will appear at the top of the page above the menu bar.

  • Parent guide: Disability living allowance (DLA) for children

    How to claim disability living allowance or DLA, one of the benefits for disabled children, challenging a decision if you are unhappy with the outcome, and to check if they're entitled to a higher rate.


  • Parent guide: Understanding your child's behaviour

    Suggestions for how your child can be helped, along with information about the professional and voluntary organisations you can approach for further guidance and support.


  • Parent guide: The NHS and caring for a disabled child - England

    Explains the different parts of the NHS your rights, your child’s rights and what options you have if you are unhappy with any aspect of the NHS.


  • Poster: Developmental delay milestones

    The printed version of our parent guide on global developmental delay (GGD) contains this pull out poster showing important milestones in a child’s development. If your child does not reached these milestones by the ages shown, and has not been diagnosed, it is advisable to talk your health visitor or GP.


  • Parent guide: Grandparents

    Guide for grandparents of a disabled child, highlighting ideas of how to support the family.


  • Parent carer participation: Health briefing guide to NHS April 2017

    The NHS is very complex and navigating the different organisations and people can be overwhelming for parent carers new to this system. This factsheet highlights the main organisations in England, what they do, and their responsibilities.


  • Parent guide: Play and leisure guide for Sutton families with disabled children

    This guide is to help families with disabled children to find play and leisure activities in Sutton and the neighbouring boroughs. The guide includes information on a variety of sports, arts and youth clubs as well as colleges, holiday schemes, childrens' centres and leisure centres.


  • Parent guide: Living without a diagnosis

    Guide for parents whose child has a learning difficulty or health problem, but do not know its cause. It includes information about getting a diagnosis, and how to access help and support.


  • Parent guide: Living with a rare condition

    Guide for parents whose child has a rare condition, including why rare conditions are sometimes hard to diagnose, how to access medical information, help and support, and a section on getting involved in research.


  • Parent carer participation: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

    Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – a guide to assist parent carer forums.