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Our parent guides and factsheets

We produce a series of guides and factsheets on all aspects of raising a disabled child.

You can browse and download the parent guides in our library or download a publications list [PDF].

Ordering and buying print copies of our guides

If you are a parent and want a free print version of any of our parent guides, please contact our freephone helpline on 0808 808 3555 or

If you are a professional then we ask that you make a small payment of £1 for each of our guides. Select 'order print version' next to any parent guide that is on sale. Your basket will appear at the top of the page above the menu bar.

  • Support for parent carer forums: Parent carer forums handbook

    Includes information on all aspects of running a forum including getting started, policies, governance, reaching parents, finances including paying parents, managing conflict and working with local authorities & health to improve services


  • Parent carer participation: Grant application form guidance 2019-20

    Parent carer participation grant application 2019-20 – guidance notes. Applications for the 2019-20 parent carer participation grant are now being accepted and must be submitted by Monday 10th June 2019.


  • Parent guide: Aids, equipment and adaptations

    Information on how to get equipment, mobility aids and adaptations to your home for your child, plus where to go for grants, specialist support and advice.


  • Parent guide: Holidays, play and leisure

    Play and leisure for disabled children, how to get help with funds and where to find more information about taking a holiday. Plus information about arranging holidays and organisations which give grants for them.


  • Parent carer participation: Managing your parent carer participation grant 2019-20 final

    Managing your Parent Carer Participation Grant and other useful tips to help you manage the day to day running of your forum


  • Research and reports: appendices for report following consultation with parent carer forums at DfE, 8th July 2013 and written submissions from parent carer forums.

    Appendices to support report following consultation with parent carer forums at Department for Education, 8 July 2013 and written submissions from parent carer forums.


  • Parent carer participation: Case study Addenbrooke hospital passport

    A case study on parent carer forum who worked with Addenbrooke hospital to improve the experience of visiting the hospital for disabled children.


  • Research and reports: Parent support group survey 2012

    Report into the value of parent support groups, as well as what can help keep local support groups going for parents of disabled children in Wales.


  • Parent carer participation: Improving wheelchair and transport services Southend- a case study

    Parent carer forums worked with the NHS to develop a wheelchair service that met family’s needs and help monitor the service to make sure it met families needs.


  • Research and reports: How parent participation and parent carer forums leads to better outcomes for disabled children, young people and their families 2011

    Outlines how the development of parent carer participation supports the government’s aims to move towards a ‘big society’, and helps local areas to meet their statutory duties to involve and consult with parents and carers of disabled children