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Our parent guides and factsheets

We produce a series of guides and factsheets on all aspects of raising a disabled child.

You can browse and download the parent guides in our library or download a publications list [PDF].

Ordering and buying print copies of our guides

If you are a parent and want a free print version of any of our parent guides, please contact our freephone helpline on 0808 808 3555 or

If you are a professional then we ask that you make a small payment of £1 for each of our guides. Select 'order print version' next to any parent guide that is on sale. Your basket will appear at the top of the page above the menu bar.

  • Parent carer participation: Payments to Parent Carers

    Payments to Parent Carers – a guide for forums to the issues that parent carer forums need to consider when reimbursing Parent Carers’ expenses, remunerating parent carers for their time including offering honorariums or gifts as a thank you. The guide was kindly produced by the Low Income Tax Reform Group (LITRG) specifically for parent carer forums.


  • Parent carer participation: 2018 National Conference booking Form FAQs

    2018 National Conference booking Form FAQs, frequently asked questions and booking form for the 2018 NNPCF and Contact national event


  • North East Registration Form


    • Report to the BLF Awards for All Wales - Walking with Us

      “Walking with Us” is a scoping exercise that reached 154 adults who care for disabled children across Wales with the aim of giving them a voice that will inform the structure and delivery model of an ambitious 3 year project specifically created for the families of disabled children by the families of disabled children.


    • Parent carer participation: Discretionary grant 2018-19 FAQs

      Your forum might wish to apply for a discretionary grant in order to complete an additional piece of work, a consultation, host an event or training, buy new equipment - or something else which has arisen and is a new priority for your forum since the original grant form was submitted.


      • In Contact North West Newsletter Summer 2018

        Find out about free workshops, fundraising news and our annual survey.


      • Parent carer participation: Associate Profiles

        Profiles of the Associates supporting the Parent Carer Participation programme


      • Contact North East Spring 2018 Newsletter

        News, information and events from our North East office.


      • Parent carer participation: Changes to the 2017-18 grant monitoring form and 2018-19 grant application form processes

        Explanation of the changes to the 2017-18 grant monitoring form and 2018-19 grant application form processes


      • Parent carer participation: Terms and responsibilities of grant award - parent carer participation grant 2018-19

        Read the following information before submitting your parent carer participation grant application, as it details the terms on which the grant has been awarded. This includes your forum’s responsibilities in accepting the grant.