Advice for grandparents

Children lucky enough to grow up knowing their grandparents mostly find it an enriching relationship. Your grandchild might see you as a person with whom they can have fun, and you have all the pleasure of being with children without the responsibilities of being a parent.

Many grandparents tell us that this has helped them learn more about disability and strengthened all the family relationships.

Tips for grandparents

Tips for grandparents from grandparents

We asked some grandparents to share their experiences - here are their tips:

  • Be led by the parents; they will tell you what they need.
  • Appreciate that there will be times when your advice won't be listened to - it's nothing personal.
  • Try not to give opinions when the parents are upset.
  • Sometimes parents need someone to let off steam to - be patient and listen.
  • Spend time with the other grandchildren in the family.
  • Acceptance of your grandchild's disability may take a while for you and their parents, so be understanding.
  • When the parents are involved in the practical matters it's best for you to focus on the child and not their diagnosis.

Financial help for caring grandparents

If you are helping the parents by providing a substantial amount of care to your grandchild, you might be able to claim certain benefits like Carer's Allowance.

Your eligibility will depend on a number of factors, such as income and whether anyone else is already claiming as a carer for that child. Visit our benefits and tax credits pages to find out more about financial support, or call our freephone helpline.

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