'Birth to five' workshops

We're running a series of welcoming and informative workshops for parents of children in the early years.

Our workshops are funded by the Department for Education to help raise awareness about early years entitlements.

Give your confidence and knowledge a boost in a range of topics, from money matters to child behaviour. See below for more on our workshop topics and events in your area.

Our parenting workshops

We're running four workshops:

Support and information

  • Know about support services for you and your family.
  • Know how to find support in your local area.
  • Understand how to get support.

Get what you need for your child

  • Develop better communication skills.
  • Feel more confident to make decisions about your child.
  • Prepare for meetings with professionals.

Encouraging positive behaviour

  • Understand the reasons for behaviour.
  • Working with others to encourage positive behaviour.
  • Top tips to help.

Money Matters

  • Know how to improve your finances.
  • Understand what you're entitled to.
  • Know where to get support.

Upcoming workshops

Our workshops will continue throughout 2017 and early 2018, and we'll keep this page updated with all upcoming early years events.

South West

Venue: Staple Hill Children's Centre, Page Road, Bristol, BS16 4NE

To book, email adele.meader@contact.org.uk

  • Support and Information - Tuesday 6 March
  • Getting what you need - Monday 13 November; Tuesday 6 March
  • Encouraging Positive Behaviour - Monday 20 November; Tuesday 13 March
  • Money Matters - Monday 27 November; Tuesday 13 March

North East

Venue: Footsteps Ochill Terrace, Billingham TS23 2QL

To book email: northeast.office@cafamily.org.uk

  • Encouraging Positive Behaviour - Monday 13 November
  • Support and Information - Monday 20 November
  • Getting what you need - Monday 27 November
  • Money Matters - Monday 4 December

Venue: Blyth Central Children's Centre, Wright Street, Blythe, Northumberland

To book email: northeast.office@cafamily.org.uk

  • Support and Information - Wednesday 15 November
  • Getting what you need - Wednesday 29 November
  • Money Matters - Wednesday 6 December

Venue: Berwick Children's Centre

To book email: northeast.office@cafamily.org.uk

  • Encouraging Positive Behaviour - Wednesday 31 January/Friday 9 February (TBC)
  • Support and Information - Wednesday 17/ Friday 26 January (TBC)
  • Getting what you need - Wednesday 24 January/Friday 2 February (TBC)
  • Money Matters - Wednesday 7/Friday 16 February (TBC)

South East

Venue: Dingley's Promise, Reading RG1 3DG

To book email: judy.trayford@contact.org.uk

  • Encouraging Positive Behaviour - Saturday 25 November
  • Support and Information - Saturday 11 November
  • Getting what you need - Saturday 18 November

Venue: Kids Nursery, Pebbles Children's Centre, Shakespeare Road, Basingstoke RG24 9BP

To book email judy.trayford@contact.org.uk

  • Encouraging Positive Behaviour - Wednesday 21 February
  • Support and Information - Wednesday 7 February
  • Getting what you need - Wedneday 14 February
  • Money Matters - Wednesday 28 February

Nothing in your area?

We're only able to fund workshops in certain areas, but we might have other events for you. Find Contact a Family support in your area.

You can also see our online support in the early years, or contact our helpline to talk to an adviser about any aspect of caring for a disabled child.