How we support local groups

Whether you're setting up a new support group or already running one, we have a dedicated local support group manager who can give you guidance on how to run your group. You can also talk to other parent support groups in our online community.

Group Action Pack

Our Group Action Pack is packed with tips and sources of specialist advice for parent support groups.

The Group Action Pack covers issues ranging from how to start a group and hold meetings to charity registation, publicity and fundraising. With 15 guides to choose from, you'll find lots of ideas to help you. You can download the guides from our resource library.

Find out more by contacting Adele Meader, local group manager, at or 07920 655125.

Join the local group network

We oversee a network of local parent support groups. By being part of the network you will be able to contact other local groups across the country for peer-to-peer support, mentoring and buddying opportunities.

You might benefit from working with other groups because you:

  • are setting up a group and would value some advice
  • are based in the same area
  • run the same condition specific group, e.g. Cerebral Palsy
  • both face similar problems or issues, e.g. attracting new members
  • have already tackled a difficulty or found a solution to a problem that others might find useful
  • have resources that could be shared, e.g. space in a venue, a policy or a piece of equipment.

What do we offer?

We offer members of the local group network:

  • group listing on our local support group map
  • promotion within our quarterly magazine Connected
  • Connected delivered to your door
  • our resource pack on planning and reviewing information to share with other members in your group
  • access to our information network (visit our In you area pages for local office listings).

Joining the network is free. Download the local group network application form [.docx] if you want to join with your group.

If you have any questions about parent support groups, contact Adele Meader on

Talk to other support groups in our online community

Join our online community to talk to other support groups and share skills, advice and experiences.

Visit our online local support group network.