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We influence policy and campaign so politicians and decision-makers tackle the inequalities faced by families with disabled children and prioritise their needs.

Our latest campaigns

Support our Lifeline Appeal and help save our Family Finances Helpline

Counting the Costs 2018 - startling new findings show sharp rise in disabled children going without the essentials

Stop the £175 million cut from disabled children - TAKE ACTION NOW 

Universal Credit - families delivered petition to the Prime Minister at Number 10 to stop cuts 

Caring More than Most - new research finds parent carers provide more than 100 hours of care per week.

School transport inquiry - families facing cuts to school transport deliver 10,000 strong petition to Number 10.

Secret Life of Us - our campaign to plug the £1.5 billion funding gap in disabled children's services 

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Other issues we're campaigning on such as childcare, illegal exclusions and waiting times for services.

Past campaigns successes including Stop the DLA Takeaway in hospital.

Our research

Latest campaign news

Support our Lifeline Appeal and help save our Family Finances Helpline

TAKE ACTION NOW on the £175 million cut from disabled children #CountingtheCosts

Help us stop the never-ending cycle of disadvantage families face. Make a donation to our Caring More Than Most appeal.

Read our briefing on Universal Credit and how it could affect your family income.

Pledge your support for the Secret Life of Us campaign and help us improve health and social care services.

What we want

  • Equal rights and opportunities for all families with disabled children across the UK.
  • A social security system that recognises the carer contribution and adequately covers the extra costs of disability and care. 
  • Investment in health and social care services for disabled children and their families
  • Speedy access to free and independent information,
  • Ending to the wait for assessment, diagnosis and good quality support.
  • A clear and joined up legal framework that enhances individual family rights.
  • The real experts are parents of disabled children. We want parent carer participation across the UK.

What we're doing 

  • We influence laws and government policy based on what families with disabled children tell us and what we have learnt from our services.
  • We carry out research to build evidence of the difficulties faced by disabled children and present a case for change.
  • We join forces with other charities and support their campaigns.
  • We meet with MPs and government departments.
  • We support parent carer participation and help parents get directly involved in shaping their services.

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What other organisations do we work with?

We join forces with other charities to influence public policy and campaign together. This shared voice strengthens our lobbying activities and helps decision makers and politicians understand shared concerns. These alliances include: