Become an ambassador

Our ambassadors pledge significant support over time to help families with disabled children across the UK. Ambassadors make a difference and give a huge moral boost to families with disabled children.

Samantha Cameron, who supports our ambassador programme, said:

"The charity needs long term financial help so that it can continue to support families with disabled children. It is equally important that these families know that there are people like you out there who believe in them and support them.

"Please consider becoming an ambassador on behalf of families with disabled children and supporting Contact's invaluable work."


We show all our ambassadors how they make a difference to families' lives through:

  • regular updates on how you are making an impact on families' lives, making them stronger and happier and able to cope
  • tailored recognition of your support as our way of saying thank you
  • invitations to meet other ambassadors at exclusive events
  • opportunities to meet our chief executive and senior management team, and visit the projects that you make possible
  • opportunities to introduce friends of yours to join our ambassadors club.

To join now, contact email or call 020 7608 8757.

Donate now - Higher rate taxpayers can increase the value of their donation using Gift Aid while reducing the actual cost of their contribution.