Parent carer participation grant and monitoring (England)

Parent carer participation grant and monitoring (England)

Contact administers a grant of up to £15,000 available for one parent carer forum in each local authority area of England, funded by the Department for Education (DfE). The grant is used to strengthen parent carer forums, so that parent carers can participate in planning and decision-making about services in their area.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for forums with new or different bank accounts:

Due to due diligence checks by the Department for Education on new bank accounts which may delay receipt of parent carer participation grant by up to 6 weeks -  if your parent carer forum has changed its bank account since submitting the 2018-19 grant application, is a new parent carer forum, or will be changing bank account before applying for the 2019-20 grant, the forum will need to complete a proforma and send to the DfE with these new account details.  If this is done now, it will minimise any delay in receiving the first grant payment as these checks may be underway, or be complete by the time your application is submitted.  For further information and to request the proforma, please contact the grants team -

2018/19 grant applications

The application process for 2018/19 is now open.

Applications can be submitted at any point between now and the closing date of Monday 11th June 2018. You are encouraged to submit your applications at the earliest opportunity to ensure you receive the grant in the first quarter of 2018/19.

If you think you will have a large underspend from your 2017/18 grant that might be larger than the first half of your grant application in 2018/19 (which is usually £7,500), then please discuss this with us before you apply.

The grant 2018/19 grant application form, guidance for completion, terms and responsibilities and managing your grant document (which has been split down into more manageable chunks) can be downloaded here:

2018/19 - Grant application form

2018/19 - Grant application guidance [PDF].

2018/19 - Terms and responsibilities

2018/19 - Managing your grant

2017/18 grant monitoring

Forums that received the parent carer participation grant from the DfE in 2017/18 must submit a grant monitoring form and associated proofs of expenditure.

Grant monitoring forms for 2017/18 can now be submitted and must be received by the closing date of Monday 30th April 2018.

The monitoring form and guidance on completing it can be downloaded here:

2017/18 Grant monitoring form

2017/18 Grant monitoring guidance [PDF]

If your forum will struggle to meet this deadline, you must discuss this with your regional advisor or a member of the grants team as soon as possible.

Changes to grant documentation this year

We have produced a document to explain the changes that were necessary to both the grant application and grant monitoring form this year, and to highlight what they are.

Grants webinar

Watch the webinar recording 'Parent Carer Participation grant monitoring and applications' guiding you and your forum all you need to know about the revisions to the 2018/19 grant application and monitoring process (NB: the monitoring section starts at 46 minutes.) Presented by Gail Walshe, Head of Parent Carer Participation at Contact and Rachel King, Grants Administrator.

Additional claims/discretionary grants 2018/19

Second tranche grant payments

We will accept claims for the second tranche payment of the 2018/19 parent carer participation grant as soon as a forum's 2017/18 grant monitoring has been approved and signed off. All second tranche claim forms must be received by Monday 12 November 2018. 

Go to the 2nd tranche claim form

Read second tranche grant payment FAQs.

Regional discretionary grant applications

Regions may apply for a regional discretionary grant as soon as the host forum's 2017/18 grant monitoring has been approved and signed off. Applications must have the support of the regional advisor and the regional NNPCF steering group member. 

To enable all regions to apply, we will ringfence nominal funds (£2,000) for each region until the application deadline date (12th November). After which time, if the money is unclaimed, it will be released to forums applying for the discretionary grant

Apply for a regional discretionary grant (this is the same as the discretionary grant form).

Discretionary grant applications

Your forum might wish to apply for a discretionary grant in order to complete an additional piece of work, a consultation, host an event or training, buy new equipment - or something else which has arisen and is a new priority for your forum since the original grant form was submitted. 

Forums whose 2017/18 grant monitoring has been approved, and who have already successfully claimed the second tranche of the grant, can from Monday 2nd July also make a discretionary grant application - if they wish to.

Once there is confirmed under spend from the 2017/18 grants, money will be released for discretionary grants on a first come, first served basis until the under spend money is used up, or the deadline for applications has passed. 

Applications must be received by Monday 12 November 2018 and must be discussed with and supported by your regional parent carer participation advisor.

The same grant conditions apply as to the main grant. All discretionary grants are dependent on enough funding being available.

Go to the discretionary grant form.

Read parent participation discretionary grant 2018-19 FAQs

Queries and further information

If you have any queries about the grants process, please contact your Regional Parent Carer Participation Advisor or email

Managing your 2018/19 grant

If you are successful in your application for the parent carer participation grant, you will find these documents helpful when managing the grant: