Success stories

Case studies

Our case studies provide more detail about how parent carer participation has helped improve services.

Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum - making a difference to short breaks through participation

Bristol Children's Hospital: Embedding parent participation - the different ways the hospital is involving parents in its work.

Bristol Children's Hospital: Computerised hospital passports - so all hospital staff are informed about a child's additional needs. 

Hull working with the clinical commissioning groups and health watch - wheelchair service, diagnostic pathway for autism, support on sleep, child development centre, sharing information.

Leeds support for families on common issues - sleep, behaviour, toilet training, eating.

Redbridge bringing about transformational change - developing  a coordinated and integrated child development service.

Manchester Children's Hospital: Improving hospital experience for children and young people with autism.

Hampshire: Improving therapy services across Hampshire - commissioning a new multidisciplinary therapist service.

Rutland: Finding solutions through dialogue with GP practice managers - improving experience for disabled children visiting their GP.

Cornwall: Palliative care strategy - how the forum helped in co-production  of a palliative care strategy.

Birmingham Children's Hospital: Improving the hospital experience - for children and young people who have a learning disability and their families.

Birmingham Children's Hospital: Harry's story - how visiting hospital for Harry and his family improved, after the hospital  improved the way they support children who have a learning disability and their families.

Gloucestershire: Representing a diverse range of parent experience - how the parent carer forum doubled their membership and reached  parents from a diverse range of background including parents from ethnic minority groups and parents living in isolated rural areas.

Peterborough Family Voice working with LINk - how the parent carer forum improved the patient experience for disabled children while in hospital and worked with other community groups through their LINk to improve access to hydrotherapy for children and adults.

Kirklees: Redesigning the child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS) service - commissioners developed a new service for children with learning disability and mental health issues based on what families said would help.

Addenbrooke hospital - how parent carer forum worked with Addenbrooke hospital to improve the experience of visiting hospital for disabled children.

Shropshire,Telford and Wrekin new hospital build - how parent carer forums are working with architects and planners to make sure the new hospital meets the needs of disabled children.

Isles of Scilly: Working with health, education and social care - how the forum in the Isles of Scilly improved services by building a relationship with key people in health, education and social care.

Brighton Compass Card - Amaze - provides information and support to families and collects data about families needs to assist the local authority in planning services.

Commissioning short breaks in Redbridge - how parents, disabled children and young people helped to decide what short breaks would be on offer.  

Improving wheelchair and transport services Southend - parent carer forum helped  develop a wheelchair service and monitor the service to make sure it continues to meet families needs.

Improving local parks in Hull - how parents helped the local authority improve play facilities for disabled children in the local park.

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