General Election 2024

There is a desperate lack of services, empathy, and support for the 1.5 million disabled children and their families in the UK. 

The next government has a real opportunity to make a difference for disabled children and their families. 

We are calling on the new government to:

Roll out a much-needed increased package of financial support to tackle extra disability, care and energy costs.

Revive disabled children’s social care funding, law and the specialist workforce.

Reduce waiting lists for children’s mental health and NHS community services, diagnosis and help at school and college.

These are big asks, but disabled children deserve a government that is prepared to think big and to build a society where everyone is given the best chance at success.

So, what would be a good start for the next Government towards making meaningful change for disabled children and their families?

We’ve identified 10 SUCCESSFUL steps that would have an immediate impact. Click on each letter to view each step.

We’ve identified 10 SUCCESSFUL steps that would have an immediate impact. Click on each letter to view each step.

Scrap the planned PIP reforms

and the earnings limit on Carer’s Allowance.

Unlock Child Trust Funds for disabled youngsters

giving them back £210 million in savings to spend. 

Cap energy costs for families running mini hospitals

at home for their sick children.

Close the school transport loophole

for disabled young people aged 16+.


Establish a stronger system of accountability for Education, Health and Social Care and put SEN support on legal footing – with a long term funding.


Significant investment in the specialist workforce and reduction in waiting lists for diagnosis and health services.


Set up a commission to improve access to suitable housing for disabled children and young people.


Fix Universal Credit for disabled children.


Utilise the skills, knowledge and expertise of parent carers.


Launch a parent-led review of short breaks provision and reform disabled children’s social care law.

What you can do

Please help us make these asks a reality for families by sharing our Roadmap for Government with your local parliamentary candidates.

You can ask them to pledge support their support for our 10 SUCCESSFUL steps (here).