Adult Disability Payment & disability benefits at 16

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Adult Disability Payment will replace Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for disabled adults in Scotland.

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What is Adult Disability Payment?

Adult Disability Payment is a new benefit being introduced in Scotland to replace Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

This new benefit will be piloted in spring 2022 and is expected to be rolled out across Scotland in summer 2022 to replace new claims for PIP. It is a disability benefit for disabled adults aged 16 and above.

Initially, Adult Disability Payment will have very similar rules to PIP, but the Scottish Government intends to carry out a full review of the benefit in the Summer of 2023.

What disability benefits can my child claim at 16?

When Adult Disability Payment is fully introduced, it will be the main benefit for young people and adults aged 16 and over. In the meantime:

My child currently claims DLA or Child Disability Payment

New rules were introduced in September 2020 that see young people in Scotland continue to receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA) until they turn 18. Previously, DLA claimants were invited to claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP) shortly after they turned 16. Similarly any child awarded Child Disability Payment before their 16th birthday can stay on that benefit until they turn 18.

So, if your child is turning 16 and already gets DLA or Child Disability Payment, they aren’t expected to claim PIP. Instead they will continue to get that benefit until they turn 18.

A young person in Scotland can still opt to move onto PIP before age 18 if they want. To do this, they will have to make an application for PIP. Any 16-year-old on DLA/child disability payment who considering this should first seek detailed advice from a benefits adviser as many disabled people are worse off under PIP. Claiming PIP will end the DLA/child disability payment award – even if you later try and withdraw the PIP claim. 

My child does not currently claim any disability benefits

Anyone aged 16 or above who does not already get DLA or Child Disability Payment can claim PIP.

The rules extending DLA to the age of 18 in Scotland only apply to young people who were getting DLA immediately before their 16th birthday. If someone isn’t already getting DLA by their 16th birthday, they can’t make a new claim after that date and will need to claim PIP.

Similarly, if someone under 16 gets Child Disability Payment this can be extended until they turn 18. However, you cannot make a new claim for Child Disability Payment after your 16th birthday; you need to claim PIP instead.