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Meeting other parents was such a relief – Grace’s story

Tuesday 12th November 2019

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Our Changing Lives Appeal continues today with Grace's story.

We're celebrating 40 years of Contact and the different ways we've supported thousands of families with disabled children. Grace attended one of our Brighter Beginnings early years courses this year.

If you're able to, we're asking you to donate £40 now or £4 a month so we can continue changing lives into the future.

£4 a month could help us give so many more parents the opportunity to make new friends and feel less isolated.

"Contact's workshops helped a tremendous amount" - Grace's story

"My son started walking when he was four and that was a tremendous achievement, but his behaviour became incredibly difficult to manage. I didn't realise at the time that he was exhausted from the effort of walking, because he can't tell me when he is tired, hungry or hurt. He became very frustrated and the tactics I'd always used weren't working any more. I didn't know what to do or where to turn and felt extremely isolated.

"Contact's Brighter Beginnings workshops helped a tremendous amount, in particular the sleep and behaviour workshops. Within two weeks, we had gone from four-hour to one-hour meltdowns. I gained more understanding of the causes of his behaviour and how to deal with it, including using more positive language. My son was immediately happier. Because the workshops run for a few weeks I was able to take home what I learned, try it, come back and give feedback and then get more tips if something didn't work.

"The group was friendly and Contact's parent adviser was very approachable and provided individual support to me, which was fantastic. It was good to meet other parents and a relief to hear they were facing similar issues."

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Contact is unique in supporting families with disabled children, no matter their condition or disability. We understand the challenges common to all families, however far along they are in their journey.

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