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£2million additional income secured for families through our Family Finances Helpline

Thursday 22nd November 2018

An independent evaluation of our Family Finances Helpline confirms it's the best place for families looking for in-depth advice on benefits and other financial support.

Last year our Family Finances Helpline - the only specialist independent helpline of its kind - secured an additional £2 million for families with disabled children, with a gain of over £3m over the past 2 years of the project.

In addition, over the two years the evaluation covered, our expert parent advisers gave in-depth, one-to-one advice to around 1,175 families, helping them to navigate the complex benefits system, find the finances they are entitled to that help pay for the extra costs of caring for a disabled child - and putting them back in control of their lives.

During the same time frame and following a call to the experts on our Family Finances Helpline, each family's income went up by an average of £100 per week - that's £5,200 a year of money families with disabled children are entitled to but would have missed out on if they hadn't called our Family Finances Helpline.

Amanda Batten CEO at Contact says: "It costs three times more to raise a disabled child but we know many families do not claim the benefits they are entitled to due to lack of awareness and information.

"Often parents want to be able to work or to work more hours but have no idea whether that will make them better or worse off. For parents who do work, 87% say they can't work as much as they want due to their caring responsibilities.

"The independent evaluation of our Family Finance Helpline shows that we offer financial advice to families that they simply can't find anywhere else. It provides a trusted lifeline for families who find themselves in crisis due to soaring disability care costs and helps put parent carers back in control as they navigate the notoriously complicated welfare support system."

Read the executive summary of the independent evaluation report. 

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Worried about your family's finances?

If you are worried about your family's finances please give our helpline a call on 0808 808 3555. Our Family Finances Helpline, funded by the Big Lottery until May 2019, also produces webpages on benefits and other financial support, such as Universal Credit.