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Annual Health Check for young people with a learning disability – Your Questions Answered

Tuesday 1st December 2020

Research shows this pandemic has made it more important than ever for people with learning disabilities to get extra help to stay healthy.

But currently only 53% of people with a learning disability get the annual health check they are entitled to. That's why Contact is urging families to ensure their child does not miss out.

Our health lead Amanda Elliot has put together some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to help families navigate the registration and health check process.

What is the annual health check for people with learning disabilities?

Young people aged 14 or over with a learning disability are entitled to a free NHS health check every year. A GP and/ or a practice nurse will usually carry out the check. It is a chance for you and your young person to talk to the GP and nurse about any health worries and for GPs to spot and treat any health problems early. Read more in our Annual Health Check factsheet

Why are annual health checks so important?

Studies show people with learning disabilities have poorer physical and mental health than other people and die younger. Research also shows people with learning disabilities are at greater risk if they get Coronavirus, Many of these deaths are avoidable. Sometimes health and medical problems get missed because professionals only see people's disability. Health checks are designed to help tackle these 'health inequalities' by detecting and treating health problems earlier. Only 53% of people with learning disabilities eligible are having annual health checks.

Read more of the FAQs, including what do they check and how do I register, in our health information pages.