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Applications for new Scottish Child Payment now open

Monday 9th November 2020

From today, Monday 9 November, families in Scotland will be able to apply for a new benefit called the Scottish Child Payment.

This provides low income families on means-tested benefits or tax credits with an extra £10 per week for each child they have aged under six.

The Scottish Child Payment is a new benefit, providinglow income families in Scotland with a payment of £10 per week foreach child in their family who is aged under six.

Although payments of this new benefit will not start until 15 February 2021, Social Security Scotland are accepting applications from Monday 9 November.

Who is eligible for a payment?

In order to qualify for a payment, you must be ordinarily resident in Scotland and getting one of the following means-tested benefits. These are:

So long as you are getting one of these benefits you can then also receive a Scottish Child Payment for each child in your family who is aged under six. Eventually this will be extended to children under the age of 16 but this is not expected to happen until late 2022.

In the meantime, if you are on a low-income benefit, you can apply for £10 per week for each child you have aged under six. You can still get a payment even if you don't receive tax credits or Universal Credit amounts for that particular child because of the two child limit.

How do I apply?

The payment is being made by Social Security Scotland. You can apply by calling 0800 182 2222 or online at mygov.scot/benefits

Although applications can be made from 9 November, the first payments will not start until 15 February 2021 and will be made into your account every four weeks.

Will the payment effect my other benefits?

The Scottish Child Payment will be ignored as income for benefits and tax credits purposes.

Further information

We've just published Money Matters Scotland: a checklist on financial support for families with disabled children [PDF].

You can also see our webpage on Welfare Benefits in Scotland for more information about the Scottish Child Payment and other benefits administered by Social Security Scotland.