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Ask our education specialists your questions about school exclusions next Wednesday on Facebook

Friday 31st May 2019

School exclusions have been in the news a lot recently, with a recent report from the education watchdog Ofsted saying that one in four teachers in England have witnessed pupils being illegitimately removed from schools, often to artificially boost a school's exam performance or league table position.

We know a lot of you who care for a child with special educational needs are concerned about school exclusions. Our helpline regularly advises parent carers on permanent, fixed term and unofficial (unlawful) exclusions.  And Contact's own research shows that children with special educational needs are regularly illegally excluded from school with a devastating impact on their education and mental health. This can include parents being asked to collect their child during the school day because there are not enough staff available, for example.

Ask us your questions next Wednesday, 5th June

That's why we are inviting you to take part in our Facebook Q&A session next Wednesday, 5 June between 2-5pm when our helpline parent advisers will be ready to answer any question you have about this.

So if you live in England and your child has been excluded from a state funded school, or the school is threatening to exclude and you want to know more about the school's responsibilities, how you can raise concerns with the school or how to challenge  an exclusion decision,  then login to Facebook on Wednesday, 5th June to ask your questions directly to our helpline parent advisers from the education team.

Please note that the law is different in Scotland and Wales and this session will look at the law and guidance as it applies to state funded schools in England.

If your child has been excluded and you need advice but can't join the Facebook Q&A session on Wednesday, you can visit our exclusions webpage.