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Ask the expert! Our Facebook Q&A on DLA roundup

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is the main benefit for disabled children and is there to help meet the extra costs of being disabled.

It's not only children with physical disabilities who can get the higher rate of DLA mobility. Some children with learning difficulties or ASD may be able to qualify if they have challenging behaviour.

These rules are complex, so we held a special Facebook Q&A last week focussed on claiming the higher rate of the DLA mobility component for children with learning disabilities or autism spectrum disorders. The Q&A was hosted by our Family Finance advisers Derek and Marian from our helpline team.

As always when it comes to DLA parents had lots of questions. Thank you to everyone who took part! You can read back through the Q&A on our Facebook page.

Can I get a Blue Badge?

One parent asked if Blue Badges are only for those with children on DLA high rate mobility. This is a common misconception, and We assured her that it is possible to get a Blue Badge even if a child does not get the higher rate of the DLA mobility component.

There are new rules in England which now make it easier for children with hidden disabilities to qualify for a badge. But you can still qualify under different rules in the nations. For information about the rules that apply in each part of the UK see our Blue Badge webpage  

Can I ask for a higher rate of DLA?

Another parent asked how to get the lower rate mobility changed to higher rate mobility. She was concerned that putting in a new application could risk losing DLA she already had for her child. We confirmed that if the DLA decision was made more than a month ago, the DLA unit will send out a new form that she will have to complete. An award can go up or down, and so you do have to be careful to protect the award you have. If you are in this situation it's important to speak to a local adviser.

Does my child qualify?

Parents may find our guide Disability Living Allowance - claiming the higher rate mobility component for children with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders helpful in deciding whether their child meets any of the conditions for getting higher rate mobility.

Take a look at some of the other questions we answered, and find out all about Disability Living Allowance on our website. If you're not sure if your child qualifies, you can use our Common Questions tool.