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Birth to five workshops continue - book your place now!

Monday 12th February 2018

We're running a series of free, welcoming and informative workshops over the next few months for local parents of children aged 0-5 with additional needs.

Our workshops cover four topics:

  • Support and information.
  • Get what your child needs.
  • Encouraging positive behaviour.
  • Money matters.

You are invited to attend all four sessions of our 'birth to five' workshops to get the full benefits of the course. You'll also get the chance to meet nursery and early years professionals to gain confidence to access childcare.

Where are our workshops taking place?

The workshops have been running across the country, and in February and March we have more sessions in Bristol, Gateshead, London and the South East.

See all upcoming birth to five workshop dates.

Nothing in your area?

We're only able to fund workshops in certain areas, but we might have other events for you. Find Contact support in your area.

You can also see our online support in the early years, or contact our helpline to talk to an adviser about any aspect of caring for a disabled child.