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An outsider's view of the powerful impact of parent carer participation

Janet joined us at the 2018 National Event for parent carer forums. This year's event marks 10 years of parent carer participation. In this blog, Janet shares what the 10 years mean to her - as someone who isn't a parent of a disabled child.

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"Their advice was the best I've ever had"

In this blog, our Family Finances Helpline adviser Marian talks about advising parent Kathryn.

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Expert advice you simply won’t find anywhere else

Following a call to the benefits experts on our helpline, Daniel was relieved to find out that the advice he'd been given previously was wrong.

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How the Contact helpline changed my life

Hello my name is Natasha, a mum with 3 children. I'm writing this blog so I can tell you how calling Contact’s Helpline changed my family’s life.

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Parent adviser Michaela's tips for starting school

Our parent adviser Michaela, who works on the special education team of our helpline, speaks to parents every day about their child's education. In this blog Michaela shares her top three tips for making sure you and your child are as prepared as you can be for their new adventure.

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