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My child has got used to the exclusion we live with

In this parent blog, Sarah talks about her family's experience of isolation at the school gates. Please note that this blog might be upsetting to some parents.

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The day I made an appeal

In this parent blog, Rosalind tells the story of her appeal against her daughter's Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.

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The day our son surprised us

My son is a one of a kind to me. Even with two special needs children, he, to me, has an incredible outlook on life and an amazing imagination. For me what I never expected him to do was read. I mean really read, for him to read so that it makes him happy and inspires him to expand who he is.

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The day we got lost

I wish my son could write this story for himself. So I will write it for both of us. This is about a day when we got lost together.

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The day when we got a diagnosis

Noreen is a parent-carer for her daughter, Safa, who has special needs. She also works in the voluntary sector supporting the parents of children with special educational needs as well as in education supporting children with special educational needs in school. In this blog, Noreen reflects on her journey towards a diagnosis for her daughter and the differences this did and did not make.

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